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Zahra Featured in Forbes Ignite: Highlighting the Impact of Revenue-Based Financing

Zahra Featured in Forbes Ignite: Highlighting the Impact of Revenue-Based Financing

We're excited to share that Levenue has been featured in Forbes Ignite, spotlighting our approach to Revenue-Based Financing (RBF). This recognition reflects the increasing traction of RBF as a key player in ethical business finance.

In the article, our founder Zahra shares her insights:

"For ethical businesses that prioritize societal impact alongside profitability, RBF offers an avenue to access the capital they need while ensuring they don't compromise on their core values. As the global business landscape becomes more intertwined with social and environmental challenges, models like RBF underline the possibility of fusing profit with purpose.RBF is particularly appealing for businesses in their growth phase, where consistent revenue streams can ensure mutually beneficial arrangements for both parties. RBF is a paradigm shift, offering a more adaptable and founder-friendly alternative to traditional models."

We are honoured by Forbes Ignite's recognition and thrilled to see RBF gaining momentum. It’s a nod not just to Levenue’s approach but to the viability of RBF as a sustainable, ethical financing option.

To explore the full discussion on RBF and our feature, check out the Forbes Ignite article. Read the full Forbes Ignite article here.

Here’s to embracing innovative finance solutions that align profit with purpose!

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