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How it works

Levenue offers a pool of recurring revenue businesses to investors
Connect to
Create an investment strategy
Start getting fixed
monthly income

What is
an investment strategy?

An investment strategy is an allocated budget to buy recurring revenue of companies that fall within a certain set of parameters
You create
an investment strategy
Levenue matches these strategies with offered recurring revenue on the marketplace
The system will made sure the deals within strategies are automatically executed

How investment strategies work

You allocate a budget for your strategy, define risk parameters that defines the strategy to get the most of your budget in a month and we handle the rest
Allocate a budget
Define parameters
We handle the rest

A strategy can

Have multiple contracts
Be topped with additional investment
Be paused anytime

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s the eligibility to be on the Buy Side of Levenue?
How should I calculate the Risk with the Assets I acquire through Levenue?
What’s an Investment Strategy on Levenue?
What’s the role Levenue plays in the transaction between myself and the Recurring Revenue Companies?

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