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At Levenue, we have noticed your company's impressive progress in recent years, and we are eager to support your future growth. We provide companies non-dilutive financing based on  recurring revenue.

Enjoy this small gift from us, which aligns with our mission; providing non-dilutive capital for high-growth companies.

How does it work?

Provide company details

Share only essential information about your company – all of which will remain confidential.

Get funded

Our team of experts gets to work. We'll analyse your data in under 48 hours.

Get your trading limit

If you're eligible, we'll set you up with a limit based on your recurring revenue. The more you grow, the more funding you can unlock.

Meet the investors

Our platform connects you with potential investors ready to fuel your growth.

You're in control

Choose the offer that works best for you.

Get funded

The money goes straight to your bank account, and repayment is spread over a clear 12-month period with fixed rates.

We have financed over 800 companies with non-dilutive capital

Not a loan

RBF is not typically reported as a traditional loan but as deferred revenue.

Competitive pricing

Levenue's unique marketplace offers the most competitive pricing. Historically the discount rate has been between 5-17%

Time efficient

Get access to capital in under 2 weeks with no personal guarantees or traditional collateral needed.

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Frequent FAQ's

What data sources do I have to connect?

Your company connects via APIs, providing access to bank accounts, accounting software and subscription managers. With these, we analyse a company's entire financial history, diving into the growth profile over time, the quality/churn rate of the underlying subscriptions, and the cash burn rate.

How is the cost of capital determined?

After our analysis is complete, we will issue a trading limit, using data alone. It is at the company's discretion how many of their subscribers they will trade for up front capital. Investors bid in a Dutch Auction for the offered contracts until a discount rate is reached.

What kind of revenues can I trade?

Levenue can only underwrite recurring revenue. We do not accept one-time retail revenues, for example in an FMCG e-commerce business. If your business has a mix of revenue sources, get in touch to see if you are eligible.

What key metrics are evaluated?

We evaluate growth rate, subscriber churn and cash burn. Furthermore, we look at cash flow stability and the indebtedness of a business. We will continue to constantly analyse these key metrics throughout the life of the trade.

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