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A platform to get funding for recurring revenue businesses

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Levenue helps businesses get funding without dilution of shares.

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About Levenue

Levenue is a platform where you request funding and get paid within 48 hrs

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Request the funding you need instantly
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Gain insights on your saas metrics through our dashboard
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A healthier way of funding your companies growth
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How it works

Connect to Levenue
Details about your business
Request funding
Write down the amount you need
Get funded
Receive funding in you bank account
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Some stats

Levenue is the Europe’s biggest revenue-based financing platform


funded companies


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30 to 45%

of your annual revenue in advance

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Why choose Levenue?

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Quick & easy application

Start by creating an account and connecting your bank, subscription manager, and accounting data. Within a couple of hours, your data will be reviewed, and when approved, you’ll get access to your Levenue Dashboard, where you’ll see the maximum amount you can trade.

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Get more value

Providing large discounts to your customers to get annual upfront payments hurts both the valuation and the top line of your company. Giving up equity to finance your growth takes away a big part of your personal stake. Levenue offers a solution to give you funding without large discounts or dilution.


Expand on your terms

When approved, you can trade at least 30% of your expected ARR. If your company grows, this automatically increases the total Trading Limit on the Levenue platform. You’re in control of your funding: you can use the proceeds how you please, as long as it supports the growth of your company.

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Low risks, high rewards

You don’t have to give personal guarantees to get funding. Your Trading Limit is based on historical data and expected ARR, which makes it more sustainable. There are no flat fees: rates are flexible and calculated based on the risk analysis and supply & demand on our platform

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See what Levenue can do for you

Enter the details about you and your company

Get started
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Connect integrations

Add your accountancy software, subscription manager, and bank details

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Why choose Levenue?

What do I need to be qualified?
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To meet the criteria to get funded you need to have:
• a recurring revenue business model
• historic data of paying customers of at least 6 months
• a headquarter in the EU or UK
How long does the application process take?
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Where and how do I receive the funding?
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How long before I can access the funds?
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How will my data be used?
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