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About Levenue

Levenue is a platform where you can request and receive funding within 48 hrs
Request and quickly get funds based on your SaaS metrics
Get additional growth insights related to your metrics
Fund your company’s growth in a healthy way, without dilution of shares

How it works

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Why choose Levenue?

Quick & easy application strategy
Create an account and connect your bank account, subscription-manager & accounting platform or provide CSV files. In a couple of hours, we will review your request. If approved, you will have access to your funding within a few business days. All your information is stored with military-grade encryption and is only read by our algorithm. We don’t share your information with our investors.
Get more value
Expand on your terms
Low risks, high rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to be qualified?
How long does the application process take?
Where and how do I receive the funding?
How long before I can access the funds?
How will my data be used?

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