About us

About us

Levenue is turning your MRR into upfront capital
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Levenue started from our founders’ profound frustration to find proper financing for subscription-based businesses. With Everything as a Service (XaaS) becoming the business model of the future, entrepreneurs hardly need better financing options.

After plenty of time researching the market and what is currently available, we felt it was the right time to build a platform that gives founders a better alternative to finance their business growth without compromising on control. A solution that turns monthly recurring revenue into upfront capital, eliminating the need for founders to rely on discounts, as well as the necessity to give away ownership.

An API-based solution that can seamlessly integrate with third-party services, that is not only good for founders but also investors. In fact, in this way, we open up access to a new asset class, giving the possibility to invest directly in recurring revenue and build a diversified investment portfolio with a higher than average return.

At Levenue,
our aim is to create the largest European revenue-based financing marketplace based on honesty, integrity, and total transparency, enabling SaaS businesses to scale faster and solve financing issues once and for all.
Benjamin Rieder CEO