Levenue helps subscription based businesses to unlock their most valuable asset: future cashflows. As we believe in the longevity of the "everything as a service" market, Levenue has created a product which helps entrepreneurs access vast amounts of capital in a flexible and non-dilutive way.

Levenue has disrupted
a legacy financial system


Benjamin Rieder
Co-founder & CEO
Our aim is to create the largest European revenue-based financing marketplace based on honesty, integrity, and total transparency, enabling recurring revenue businesses to scale faster and solve financing issues once and for all.
- Benjamin Rieder
Zahra Alubudi
Co-founder & COO
We are revolutionising the way recurring revenue companies can fund their growth. With us, they can get the capital they need without sacrificing any equity. We use performance and data to make financing decisions.
- Zahra Alubudi

Board Members

Patrick Lord
Bernard-Louis Roques
Hendrik Winkelmans
Steven Spittaels
Rolf Hickmann

Partners and advisors

Our products

Levenue Metrics

Levenue Metrics is a versatile financial analytics tool, acting as a fiscal ‘cockpit’ designed to provide entrepreneurs with valuable insights into their investment and business performance.

Levenue Marketplace

On Levenue Marketplace, subscription businesses can sell part of their existing subscriber base to a select pool of connected institutional investors, indemnifying over a fixed term.

Levenue Underwriting Engine

Accessible to a select pool of connected investors, the Levenue Underwriting Engine offers all the necessary tooling to make underwriting decisions for any trade on the Marketplace.

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