Levenue acquires Requr consolidating its position as the leading Revenue-Based Financing platform in Europe

Levenue acquires Requr consolidating its position as the leading Revenue-Based Financing platform in Europe

As SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) continues to become a more attractive model for founders and customers alike, SaaS founders are learning that their businesses are in a unique position to get financing by leveraging their recurring revenues. The newly-branded ‘Revenue-Based-Financing’ solution is taking the SaaS community to new heights, offering seamless, non-dilutive, and up-front cash for growing subscription-based businesses.

Earlier this week, Levenue and Requr, the two leading European platforms offering this innovative financing solution, joined forces when Levenue acquired Requr. The agreement has consolidated Levenue’s lead as the one-stop go-to funding solution for all European subscription-based businesses. The acquisition comes at a time where Levenue has also expanded its services into the Nordics, after already having launched in the Benelux and the UK.

The founders of Requr, Lennard Kooy and Tom van Wees, both have exceptional track records as SaaS entrepreneurs themselves, which will no doubt be a great asset to the Levenue team moving forward. Kooy is also the founder & CEO of Amsterdam-based martech platform Storyteq and co-founder of safety workflow platform VeiligWerk (or SafetyFirst), while van Wees is a late co-founder and CCO of online payment platform Ginger, who started his career as a tech-focused investment banker. When asked about the deal with Levenue, van Wees explained, “We found each other on a shared mission: creating a better funding experience for European SaaS entrepreneurs.”

Levenue’s team is led by Benjamin Rieder, along with Zahra Alubudi and Anthony De Meulenmeester. Rieder has been an award-winning founder of a number of companies including Bubble Post. He has had years of experience financing startups via early-stage VC, Seeder Fund, and sits on the board of several scale-ups. With five years of experience sitting on both sides of the proverbial funding aisle, Rieder is accustomed to the difficulties founders face in obtaining funds as well as the pains of dilution, both as a founder and shareholder.

De Meulemeester highlighted that the synergies that Requr’s team brings for Levenue will make them all the better suited to finance businesses on founders’ terms. For instance, Kooy’s and van Wees’s network of SaaS founders pairs well with Levenue’s network of investors. The Requr founders also stressed that their deal flow, underwriting, and data analysis model are best coupled with Levenue’s technological foundation, international team, marketing strategy, and ability to maneuver the more legally-delicate geographies in Europe.

Seeing how the RBF market matures very quickly in other parts of the world, joining forces seemed to be the most intelligent way to gain extra momentum, and consolidate the knowledge to build a seamless, legally sound, and quicker solution for European SaaS founders and investors alike.

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