Levenue welcomes Rolf Hickmann to Board of Directors

Levenue welcomes Rolf Hickmann to Board of Directors

London, [7th February 2024] – Levenue, Europe’s largest revenue based financing marketplace, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rolf Hickmann to its board of directors. The addition of Hickmann, a distinguished data modelling expert and well-respected industry veteran, reflects Levenue's commitment to create a more transparent model for connecting entrepreneurs and investors by materially enhancing Levenue’s underwriting capabilities.

With a well-documented background in data-driven solutions and a proven track record of transforming the SME landscape, Rolf began his entrepreneurial journey as the Founder and CEO of pH Group, later acquired by Experian. He also led analytics at ThinCats, an SME peer-to-peer lending platform; his specialisation in this domain complements Levenue’s existing knowledge base, particularly in the strategic utilisation of private company data to streamline informed financing decisions. He has also been actively involved with the Centre for Alternative Finance at Cambridge University (CCAF), where he served as a Research Fellow. His commitment to advancing knowledge in alternative finance aligns seamlessly with Levenue's mission. 

Hickmann said of the appointment “Joining Levenue as a board member is exciting for three reasons; Firstly, Levenue's business model and product structure showcase a remarkable level of ingenuity. The adaptability and flexibility inherent in the Levenue approach addresses a long-standing challenge: the absence of bankable assets in growing SMEs, while still leveraging their future cash flows. This approach sets Levenue apart. Beyond that, what intrigues me is Levenue's proactive stance in tackling the financial constraints faced by growing SMEs. Lastly, the synergy of the team adds a compelling dimension to the Levenue experience. Reflecting on my own entrepreneurial journey, I recognize the pivotal role a strong team plays in success. Levenue embodies the ideal combination of a revolutionary business concept and an exceptional management team.”

Rolf envisions Levenue making a significant impact not just in its current focus areas but also expanding its reach to different market segments. Highlighting the potential to partner with entities like neobanks and explore new algorithms to support a broader range of companies. As Levenue continues to make advancements in the data and funding landscape, the addition of Rolf to its board further solidifies its position in providing financing to the dynamic needs of growing recurring revenue businesses.

Ben Rieder, CEO and Co-founder of Levenue, expressed his excitement about Rolf's appointment, stating, "We are delighted to welcome Rolf to Levenue's board of directors. His extensive career dedicated to leveraging both public and private data sources for modelling risk in the SME lending space is a perfect companion to our existing proficiency in utilising private company-specific data. Through his experience at pH Group and strategic leadership at ESF/ThinCats, he will bring invaluable insights to our team. His vast experience, particularly in understanding SME behaviour, will play a pivotal role in shaping our approach. We are confident that Rolf's commitment to being a thought leader in the alternative finance space will be instrumental in driving forward Levenue’s growth.”

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